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My Weekly Ritual

I read my dad’s letter every week. A reminder to do so goes off on my phone at 9:05am every Thursday morning, but it is rarely needed. Reading that letter has become part of my routine. I am a data guy by trade and love numbers. Looking back over the past 25 months since my dad passed away, reading that letter has gone from, if you look at it like a graph, dipping well into the sorrow end of the y-axis and gradually crept into joyous territory at a pretty decent slope over time. It took me this long to get to the point where my dad hoped his words would bring me…”This note is not meant to be viewed with sadness...it is meant to be joyful”.

The message has changed for me. I find new meaning in it as I move through the grief process. Reading the letter is my best gauge that I AM making progress.

I sometimes wonder if I will keep up this routine or if it will lessen in frequency as the years pass. I’m not sure. I hope the frequency I read the letter doesn’t dampen its impact.

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