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Guest Blog From Dom @ Aesthetic Urns

Dom is a guy I have connected with as I journey along the path Ultimo Gifts is creating. He and I have been in touch quite a bit recently. He has some really cool views as an artist who specializes in urns that I asked him to share. Below is a snippet from Dom, but make sure you check him out on Instagram or at his website: www.aestheticurns.co.uk

If you are reading this you probably already know how hard it is to lose someone you love. You will also know how important it becomes to keep the memory of a loved one alive and present in the thoughts of those left behind. That is why symbolic reminders are so important to us; they create a link between those that are gone and those that remain. People choose to keep this link strong in many different ways; reading a favourite poem, playing music, revisiting a special place, these actions let us take a step out of our busy lives towards our loved one for a few moments. Lasting reminders, such as cremation urns, are also important; bringing loved ones back into our daily lives and reminding us, and the others around us, that they will always be loved. But what about those that have passed away? How many people who have died ever got the chance to tell their loved ones how much they loved them, before they died? Imagine if they could come back for just a minute; what would they say? How comforting and precious those words would be. I was talking about this with my friend Joe from Ultimo Gifts who told me that he was lucky enough to have a letter that his Dad gave him before he died. His Dad knew he was unwell and took the chance to tell his son all the things that he needed to say. Joe treasures that letter and it is never far from his side. This is what sparked his idea for Ultimo Gifts, it allows people to prepare gifts and cards for their loved ones to receive on special days, like birthdays and anniversaries, after they have passed away. I think its a really unique idea. There are so many ways to remember, bring comfort and keep love alive.