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Grieve Together

Today is my mom's birthday. Her second without my dad there to celebrate with her. The firsts are always the hardest, but the seconds and beyond are no cakewalk. The loss is always with you, but on extra special days, the sense is much more pronounced.

We get so wrapped up in our own grief and struggles that we sometimes forget about others impacted by those same consequences. I am no exception when it comes to my dad passing. I do not forget that my mom, sister, and others continue to grieve, but, it seems like more of an inability to wrap my head around the connection they shared and what that emptiness looks like for others when it is so different, yet so similar to my own.

Banding together and helping each other grieve whether that be just holding each other and crying it out, going through pictures, sharing stories, etc. is incredible for everyone's grieving process.

I sometimes think about what losing my dad would have looked like without so many people I was lucky to have in that deeply, deeply traumatic time. It would have been much worse, that is for certain.

Be present for those special people in your life so everyone has someone to lean on when they need it. Happy birthday, mom! Love you lots.

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